25 May 2015

jogger mom on new yorker cover!

given my love of all things wheel-related, i was super-excited to see the 25 may cover of the new yorker

Drawn by white illustrator, Carter Goodrich, the cover art includes a black women stretching before/after a run in Central Park with her baby beside her, also stretching, in a jogging stroller.

Goodrich modeled the jogger after his accountant, who is an avid jogger and lives in New York City.

Why do I love it?

1.  I see it as part of the historical archive of bicycle images of black women.  And I'm collecting images from the late 19th century to the present.

2.  It may be the first time that the New Yorker has featured a solo image of a black woman on the cover.  And, considering the one of Michelle Obama and Barack Obama in 2008, it is interesting that this one features someone being physically active, given Michelle's directive to move. 

3.  She has natural hair!

What do you think?