07 January 2014

Jim Morris @77 poses for PETA


Jim Morris, who recently turned 78, is a vegan bodybuilder.  He's one of the most recent to pose nude for PETA. I believe this ad was just posted on PETA's website.  Here's an accompanying interview.

I have a barrage of thoughts about this ad:

Does the fact that Morris had a successful bodybuilding career posing (almost) nude for decades make this ad primarily a continuation of his public life?

Is it cause for celebration that Morris and PETA are offering an almost-80 year old man as eye candy?

How does his nude pose differ from those of women--Taraji Henson, Nia Long, Angela Simmons, Wendy Williams--who have also posed nude for PETA?  (And did Tia Mowry refuse to pose nude?)

Are there deeper meanings to this remix of Rodin's "The Thinker"?

What are your thoughts?

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