26 December 2011

evangeline moore lives in the dc area

Who is Evangeline Moore? She is the daughter of Harriette Moore & Harry Moore, two courageous individuals who fought for civil rights and justice in Florida in the 1940s and early 1950s. I first learned about the Moores in a beautiful and haunting song by Sweet Honey in the Rock.  Based on Langston Hughes' poem, "Ballad of Harry Moore." 

I continue to be enamored of and stunned by the love and commitment that the Moores displayed as leaders and activists.  In the face of very real terror.

The Washington Post posted a story yesterday about Evangeline Moore and how she continues to be haunted by the fact that the individual(s) who bombed her parents' home on Christmas night in 1951 was never found.  (Her father died on the way to the hospital and her mother 9 days later.) The case was recently closed by the Justice Department.  Read it here.

Evangeline Moore is 81 years old.  I hope that she is able to attain a sense of peace by learning, after  60 years, who murdered her parents. 

03 December 2011

transpositional pun contest redux

i know you are all still giddy from the transpositional pun contest i did back in march 2010. (just learned that when you google transpositional pun contest my posts are the 2nd, 3rd & 4th entries!)

well, i've returned to it because i saw a bumper sticker that was priceless:

a rind is a terrible thing to waste

not only because it's a play on the UNCF motto, but also because it dovetails so nicely with Kelly Quinn's winning entry.