22 July 2011

bike repair vending machine

Bike fixtation is a mini service station for your bicycle.  i love it!

You can buy parts from the vending machine (& snacks!) and then use the bike mount and tools to fix your bike. 

 It's only available in Minnesota now.  Whose ready to partner with me to buy one for DC?

10 July 2011

5 cyclists project in the news!

Check out the Washington Post article on black women & cycling!  It features the 5 cyclists project and Black Women Bike: DC.

Share widely, encourage friends/colleagues to LIKE the 5 cyclists project facebook page and comment @washpost article.

 Here's the link!

05 July 2011

nyt reports on women, cycing & safety in new york

According to the New York Times, women don't feel as safe riding bikes in New York City. 


I am always skeptical of articles that use gender (& race) solely to make an argument.  It's usually much more complicated.

I will admit, however, that I had been hesitant to ride a bike because I was a parent.  I didn't want to chance something happening to me and having my daughter be left "all alone." But then I decided that the benefits far exceeded the risks. 

What about you?  Any thoughts about this article?  Have you decided not to ride because of safety concerns?

check out article here.