01 May 2011

my 1st bike crash!

I had my first real bike crash yesterday.  I was on my way back from a glorious afternoon @Benning Library in DC.  Why was it glorious?  Because it was a clear warm sunny day.  And because I taught 2 adults how to ride a bike!  WABA has a special initiative in Wards 7 & 8 to teach cycling, and to do free bike repair in partnership with Bike House.

I biked 5 miles from my house to Benning Library.  it was great!  On the way back, though, I didn't fully take a lane & a car got too close and I fell off my bike & hit my mouth pretty hard.  I'm ok.  (& several people stopped to make sure i was ok.) 

I was a little shaken and walked from Florida Avenue & Benning Road to the New York Avenue metro stop.  And then biked home from the Georgia Avenue-Petworth metro stop.