21 April 2011

5 cyclists project officially launched!

I have officially launched the 5 cyclists project with a Facebook page.  Check it out, "like" it and share it with your friends.  One of my goals for Earth Day is to get 25 likes so that I can get a schnazzy url.

 What's the 5 cyclists project?  

1.  A collaborative, web-based research project about the 3-day NY 2 DC road trip that the above 5 cyclists completed in 1928

2.  A 2012 challenge ride that I and four others will complete in honor of the 84th anniversary of the 5 cyclists' ride.

3.  A media project that illumines and reminds us that just because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 

And stay tuned for the 5 cyclists project website. 

photo from the Archives Center, Smithsonian Institution.  SI owns the copyright.

12 April 2011

# of mobilities in 1 day?

let the contest begin!  How many modes of transportation have you taken  in one day?  Mara & I did six today:

riding the bus
riding the subway

do i hear seven?

07 April 2011

tiny house @dc--new photos!

Ripley shares:
Although not all the posts and beams are up, they are all built and stored in the garage. In this picture, we have started working on the floor of the loft. The loft floor will be over the kitchen, bathroom and mini hallway and will stop at the living room area, accessed by a wooden ladder. The living room will have a 13.5 foot ceiling and will make the room appear spacious.
Here's another view:

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04 April 2011

4 April 1968

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr., would have been 82 today. 

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03 April 2011

bike valeting & cherry blossom madness

Mara & I volunteered at WABA's bike valet parking at the Cherry Blossom Festival for a couple of hours this afternoon.  It was a far cry from the stillness in the photo above.  We had BIG fun checking bikes in/out.  People were genuinely appreciative of this free valet service.  And Mara had her bike with her, so she got to ride around alot, too.

But getting to and leaving the Jefferson Memorial was pure-d April madness.  It took us 30 minutes to walk from the Smithsonian Metro station to the Jefferson Memorial.  And on the way back, we were told that the Smithsonian station was only open to exiting passengers.  Everyone was instructed to walk a block to the Department of Agriculture stop.  Well, that line was a block long.  So Mara and I hiked over to 7th Street, caught a Circulator to 9th & O, NW and then hopped in a cab.  What should have taken 45 minutes took 2 hours!

Note to self:  volunteer to bike valet @smaller event & marvel @cherry blossoms on a weekday.


01 April 2011

women & cycling @dc

Curious about the gender ratios of cyclists in DC & throughout the US?  Check out post @greatergreaterwashington blog

main points:
1.  DC has one of the highest percentages of female cyclists in the country.
2.  Car drivers tend to be more courteous to female cyclists who take on look & posture of Mary Poppins:  riding upright with a dress/skirt.

Have you noticed a difference in how car drivers treat you? 

tiny house @dc

Ripley is progressing well with the building of her tiny house.  She sent me this image a few days ago. 

how exciting!

This is how the house looked last October.

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