14 March 2011

conference: why the animal?

On 12 April, @UC Berkeley's Science, Technology & Society Center, there will be a conference titled:

Why the Animal?: Queer Animalities, Indigenous Naturecultures, & Critical Race Approaches to Animal Studies

Conference description:

This symposium brings together scholars within animal studies who focus on queer and critical race approaches with scholars working within longer-lived strands of study—indigenous approaches to knowing “nonhumans” focused on critiquing settler colonialism and its management of nonhuman others. Some of the scholars also consider human relations with beings classed in dominant frameworks as “nonliving.” Our hope is that their conversation, together with ample opportunity for audience responses and provocations, will generate fruitful intellectual cross-fertilizations.

I so wish that I could attend to hear the papers & discussions about critical race studies, queer studies & animal studies.  I hope that it's videotaped and uploaded on their website.
Conference details here.

09 March 2011

vegaphobia in the uk!

What's vegaphobia you ask?  It's a derogatory portrayal of vegans and veganism.

It's a term coined (?) by two UK researchers, Matthew Cole & Karen Morgan, for an academic article titled, "Vegaphobia: derogatory discourses of veganism and the reproduction of speciesism in UK national newspapers."  The article appears in the British Journal of Sociology, March 2011, pp. 134-153 and is available online here.

Their 3 main points:

1.  the newspapers empirically misrepresent the experience of veganism;
2.  the newspapers do a moral injury to omnivorous readers by not giving them accurate information;
3.  the newspapers exploit & reproduce violent relations between human and nonhuman animals.