28 January 2011

29 january is vegan pizza day!

I have very fond memories of eating pizza over the past 30+ years.

Shakey's was my first pizza love. The crust was thin, the grease was plentiful and the sauce was very tomatoey. We used to go to the one in Langley Park (Maryland) that was close to where we lived.

As a teenager, I stole money from my mother to buy Stouffer's pizza, an expensive french bread pizza.

I remember eating my last non-vegan pizza when I was in graduate school in Ann Arbor (Michigan) in the early 1990s.

fast forward 10+ years....

Mara and I eat pizza about two times a week. We buy a frozen corn pizza crust (by Vicolo) and add our own toppings. Or Mara will just eat the crust!

It is daiya, however, that has truly transformed the vegan pizza genre! It actually MELTS. And it has singularly convinced Mara that being vegan is life-longingly fabulous.

So, clearly, we are looking forward to celebrating Vegan Pizza Day tomorrow. We just have to decide where to go. In DC, we're lucky to have at least a dozen choices. See them here.

Where will you go tomorrow? Or will you make your own? If you do the latter, please send a recipe. Either way, send photos!

14 January 2011

hazel johnson & people for community recovery

Check out this video about Hazel Johnson, who recently died, and her work in Chicago re environmental justice.

Altgeld Gardens:Life in a Toxic Enviroment from Jennifer T. Lacey on Vimeo.