15 December 2010

13 December 2010

seeking celebrity cyclists!

I'm calling upon your collective wisdom.

I am developing a list of celebrities who are avid cyclists. Please send me names. I am especially interested in female celebs who are cyclists.

Leave a comment below or feel free to email me.


12 December 2010

gender, sexuality & cycling re 1920s

As I do research on my 5 cyclists, I am finding all kinds of nuggets about gender, sexuality and cycling. I am struck by how cycling was and still is so male-identified and interested in how females--then and now--attempt to negotiate these gender dynamics.

Here's a short story from a reader of The Chicago Defender newspaper from 1927.

The Tomboy

Rhoda Maude was sitting one evening in the swing, waiting for the mail. Suddenly she heard a scream filled with terror and anguish. She, whom people had called tomboy and useless, jumped up from the swing and rode on her bicycle toward the direction from which the scream had come. When she had arrived at the place from which she thought the noise had come, there was no one in sight. Although she was particularly glad that for the moment she was not in danger, she hurried on toward the place where she heard a shriek, not of terror but of one giving his all in a last struggle.

As she neared the place, she saw a little spot surrounded by trees and a small boy being whipped by a snake. She rode swiftly, fearful lest the snake should strike the boy with its poisonous fangs. When she reached the spot the snake was aiming to strike the child, but with superhuman swiftness and strength born of the element known as fear, she snatched the little boy from the ground and sped out of danger.

She was lauded as the heroine of the day and the gossips proclaimed her of some use after all.

Virginia Ogden, Clarksburg, West Virginia
italics mine

In the 1920s, bicycling was very popular among children. I read a piece in the New York Times about girls no longer riding bicycles. So it's interesting here that central to her "tomboyness" or "tomboyicity" is the fact that she has and rides a bike. Are there also some religious overtones re trees, a snake and a girl saving a boy?

What do you think?

11 December 2010

cfp: australian animal studies group 2011 conference

The Australian Animal Studies Group (AASG) & Environmental Futures Centre - Griffith University are presenting the 4th Biennial Australian Animal Studies Group Conference 2011.

The theme for 2011 is: Animals, People - a Shared Environment

This conference will examine the interrelationships between human & nonhuman animals from cultural, historical, geographical, environmental, representational, moral, legal & political perspectives. The 3 day event will bring together animal theorists & scientists from a broad range of academic disciplines, with representatives from nongovernment organizations, government officials from several nations and representatives from industry.

Call for Papers - Extended to 28 January 2011
The Call for Papers for AASG 2011 has now been extended until Friday 28 January 2011. Abstracts can be uploaded by visiting the dedicated AASG 2011 website and following the detailed instructions:

10 December 2010

the vampire & the vegan novel

My friend, Merlene Vassall, has published her first novel, The Vampire and the Vegan.

check it out!

The novel is about a vampire who vibes off of the necromantic energy of the blood of meat eaters until she encounters a vegan. And everything changes. (so true!)

It is available on her website and from Amazon, etc.