15 December 2009

ny 2 dc, by bike!

In April 1928 (no, this is not a typo), Marylou Jackson, Velma Jackson, Ethyl Miller, Leolya Nelson and Constance White, cycled from NY to DC--more than 250 miles--in 3 days! I found the Washington Tribune article about them more than 10 years ago when I was researching my dissertation. I didn't end up putting them in my diss but every couple of years I think of them.

Their wheels are really squeaking in my ears now:

*yesterday, I did a 1-day trip to NYC & back via train
*i saw the tweed ride exactly one month ago
*i have been thinking about cycling again
*we are in the midst of COP 15

you get my drift.

so join me on my research and cycling excursions. share your questions, research ideas, cycling stories, photos, videos. and i will share mine. i hope to have a photo, taken by Addison Scurlock, of the five women soon.

Photo of the Tweed Ride in DC on 15 November 2009 by Evy Mages for the Washington Post.
If anyone knows the person in the photo, please ask her to contact me.

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  1. I am intrigued by the reference, Marya.

    I am in D.C. this fall -- just in time to witness the arrival of the contraflow bike lane on 15th street. I am eager to see how it works. Seldom do I see people riding in it yet. I am impressed (I think favorably) that D.C. is providing infrastructure to support cyclists.